Ever since Konami’s establishment in 1973, we have taken up the challenge of a wide variety of operations to match the ever changing face of society.

Starting out with its Amusement business, Konami has expanded its businesses into the entertainment industry, including Computer & Video Games, Toy & Hobby, and Gaming businesses. Moreover, in recent years there has been an increase in health awareness and as such, Konami has developed its Health & Fitness businesses including Konami Sports Club.

As we develop these business portfolios, the basis for the operation of each business is the desire to please and deliver to the stakeholders and clients a corporation which they have come to expect from Konami. We believe that the entertainment and health & fitness industries are indispensable components in leading a spiritually rich, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

With current social trends including the maturation of the online environment, strength in high-level technology development, diversification of hobbies and entertainment, and the declining birth rate and ageing population, with “entertainment” and “health” as our keywords, Konami is focusing on providing people from around the world with a “High Quality Life.”

Recently, Konami saw the merging together of three Konami group companies; those responsible for production of computer and video game software, together with another two group companies; online and music & publishing. Through this, Konami’s five divisions; Computer & Video Games, Amusement, Toy & Hobby, Online and Multimedia will maximize the synergy effect and integrate to become the Digital Entertainment Business.

Furthermore, Konami has classified the world’s markets into four regions, Japan, America, Europe and Asia, so as to precisely grasp regional changes thereby being able to react to local changes quickly and to provide services and products which meet the characteristics of each individual market.

With this, the heralding of a new Konami Group age was ushered in on April 1, 2005. We look forward to your continued support in this new era.

Kagemasa Kozuki
Chief Executive Officer of Konami Group
April 1, 2005.

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